Menstrual Moon Cups Are Revolutionizing Traveling and Your Period

Every woman experiences her period differently, but most would agree that it’s at least somewhat of a hassle. Luckily, menstrual cups are here to make life – at least during that time of the month – easier. Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s, but have long been an unknown and relatively unpopular menstrual product. Now, more and more women are discovering the benefits of menstrual cups – and many of them swear by it and vow to never go back to pads or tampons. I’m one of them.

Rotterdam: A Booming City, But Not For Everybody

Driving up to the city center across the boulevard lining the river Maas, the impressive skyline of Rotterdam, characterized by modern high-rise and the iconic Erasmus Bridge, emerges in front of me. The grand view puts a little smile on my face — although I’ve seen it countless times, it never fails to fulfill me with a sense of pride. I was born and raised in Rotterdam and like most locals, I’m proud of it. But the skyline is rapidly changing.

The Throw-Away Mentality Has to Go

Recently I visited Bunaken Island and I was amazed by the marine life around the shores of this island. After some days of marvelling at the beauty of nature I returned to Manado, and to my shock and terror witnessed the boat literally dodging piles of trash floating in the ocean. This trash comes from Manado and partly ends up in Bunaken, where it pollutes the corals and disturbs the marine life. What a disillusion - yet another paradise is threatened with extinction…